Trevor Will ’93 is CWA’s 2022 Alum of the Year

The Alum of the Year award is presented each spring to a Charles Wright alum to celebrate their successes in life, their service to their community, and their dedication to their alma mater.

By Susan Rice, Head of School

This year’s recipient perfectly embodies CWA’s Tarrier Values of compassion, perseverance, respect, integrity, and excellence, and also fulfills all the aspects we seek in an Alum of the Year to represent the alumni community.

We were honored to announce at this year’s “Heart and Sole” Spirit Auction that Trevor Will, class of 1993, is the CWA 2022 Alum of the Year!

Trevor is one of CWA’s greatest alumni champions. As a graduate who now lives and works in the area, his care for and involvement doesn’t end with Charles Wright, but extends well into the broader Tacoma and Pierce County area. When I first met Trevor, I was immediately struck by what a great conversationalist he was—but not in the way that you might think. Trevor not only has a lot to offer, but he always asks great questions, truly seeking to understand others and their perspectives. Trevor isn’t afraid to express opinions that differ from a group. He cares deeply for the success of Charles Wright Academy and keeps that at the forefront of his involvement with the school at all times.

The Will family business, Titus-Will Automotive Group, has continued to find great success under Trevor’s leadership. I’m sure you’ve seen the clever ads in which Trevor and Courtney Will ’95 star, and many in our community have probably bought cars from Titus-Will. But more significantly, the company is also known broadly in the community for their generosity and commitment to making the South Sound stronger. In fact, during the pandemic when many companies froze their contributions, Titus-Will continued to give to non-profits and other important causes at a time when they were needed most.

When asked what receiving this award means to him, Trevor could only think of the Charles Wright faculty who impacted his life. Donn Laughlin taught both Trevor and his dad, Jamie ’65. And Trevor—along with his own children, current Tarriers Mackenzie ’24 and Cooper ’27 also learned from a list of CWA greats, including Miz Candy Anderson, Judy Herrington, Diane Hunt, Bob Gordon, and Jim Pelander. In fact, Mackenzie’s advisor this year was Trevor’s favorite math teacher, Gil LeFrancois. Trevor also spoke of Steve Matson and Doc Neunherz. While many of these faculty are now retired, Trevor wanted them (and you) to know how much they mean to him even to this day.

Video courtesy of Promo Sapien.

Personally, I am very grateful for the way he has supported me as the incoming Head of School, especially coming into this role in the midst of a global pandemic. I am thankful for the support Trevor has shown me as a leader, as a person, as a parent of a young Tarrier myself. His steadfast leadership on the Board of Trustees continues to strengthen his alma mater through growth, change, vision, and intention. The Board of Trustees has a bold vision for CWA’s future, continuing to position Charles Wright as a unique place to learn and grow, shaping future leaders, innovators, communicators, and stewards.

Congratulations, Trevor, on your much-deserved award as CWA’s 2022 Alum of the Year.

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