Motivating. Hardworking. Inspiring, Caring. Positive. These are just a handful of words that describe the educator receiving the Inspirational Faculty Award this year.

The 2022 Inspirational Faculty Award was presented at this year’s “Heart and Sole” Spirit Auction on April 30 by Upper School reps for the Parent Association Steering Committee, Stacie Nemetz, class of ’89, P’22, ’25, and Rebecca Niazi, P’21, ’25.

Described as a lifelong fixture in students’ lives, Upper School History Teacher, Dr. David Adams or “DA” is the embodiment of compassion and excellence. Since 1998, he has been an influential part in the student experience as it extends beyond the school day, beyond the classroom, and beyond the school year.

Upper School Math Teacher Laurel Webster said, “He is the first to volunteer to cover a class or to stand outside checking cars or doing parking lot duty when someone needs help. He has served on numerous committees, including search committees, and has a warm, welcoming demeanor to new faculty. He’s inspiring to me, and I hope one day to be able to say that I’ve made an impact even close to the one he has made on students, faculty, staff, and families.”

“He does an incredible job at boosting everyone’s confidence. For example, during the soccer season I sat on the bench most of the game and was put into the game in the last five minutes and I told him that I didn’t see any point in it. However, D.A. hyped me up, told me that I will do great, and once I got out there I scored my first goal of the season. Without his support, I don’t think I would have found the motivation and confidence to score that goal.This is just one example of the many ways he encourages his students” Molly Stone ’21 said.

Several members of senior leadership mentioned his steadfast leadership and mentorship for others. Never one to be in the spotlight, he is often under-recognized, but believes in the importance of putting students at the center, and being united as a community.

Head of School Susan Rice said, “David Adams is a consummate professional and an incredible educator. Having had the privilege to know what an incredible teacher he is, how much he cares for students and the relationships he builds in the schoolhouse and on the field – it’s no wonder DA is invited to more weddings, baptisms, and birthday parties of alumni than anyone I know! Seriously though – DA – this award is well-deserved, we are all fortunate to know you and to learn from your example, knowledge, and expertise. Thank you.”

He is a Tarrier through and through, exemplifying the Tarrier values that we hope for all who attend CWA. Excellence, compassion, integrity, respect, perseverance—he checks all the boxes.

This is why the Charles Wright Academy Parent Association awards the 2022 Inspirational Faculty Award to Dr. David Adams.