Charles Wright Academy’s 2021 Artist in Residence, Rohini Sen, presents her work in an exhibition that runs from June 18 to September 30, 2021 in the Sanford Gallery. In this exhibition, Sen focused on exploring her feelings about and the purposes for the intimate spaces in her home and the objects that are contained within those spaces, informed by her experiences during the pandemic. The two assemblage installations created during this residency Topophilia: The Dwelling Museum and Publically Private feature miniatures primarily in the media of crochet and painting. 

From the Artist Statement

“If the advent of COVID has taught us anything it is to celebrate those seemingly small things, like the bees that find ways of entering the restroom or the artefacts brought back from another country during a vacation that cheer you up reminding you of that time. There is a slowness in the small things that has allowed me to assign great value. An acceptance to feelings that are contained within spaces.”

Rohini Sen is an artist and arts educator currently based in Bangalore, India. Sen has a bachelor’s degree in Sculpture from Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath (Karnataka, India), and a master’s in Arts Education from Rhode Island School of Design (Rhode Island, United States). Her art practice revolves around drawing, printmaking, and more recently, fabric crafts such as crochet and embroidery. Her work has been exhibited in Belgium, India, Japan and the United States. 

The exhibition will be on view through September 2021.

About Charles Wright Academy’s Artist in Residence Program

Established in 2018, the visiting artist program at Charles Wright seeks to provide professional artists with space to work while providing students with access to the broader artistic community.

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