We are excited to announce that Charles Wright Academy (CWA) was awarded a grant of $25,000 from Ben B. Cheney Foundation for improvements in athletic facilities and access to athletics events. 

“We deeply appreciate this generous gift,” noted Susan Rice, CWA Head of School. “We recognize that athletics are critical to nurturing students physically, mentally, and emotionally during these challenging times. It has been difficult for families to not be allowed to attend games, meets, and matches, and we hope with the upgrade in our live-streaming capabilities that they can feel more connected.”

The grant will fund both improvements to the Wight Gym, such as banners and signage to promote school spirit, as well as the installation of equipment that will allow for live streaming video of events that take place in the Tarrier Dome and on the stadium field. 

The Cheney family has been part of the CWA community for more than 55 years, including two generations with seven graduates. Their consistent generous support of their alma mater has had a transformational impact on CWA.

CWA will partner with alum Reid Baker ’87, CEO of SuperGraphics, to complete the improvements to the Wight Gym.

“Our athletics spaces are where important lifelong relationships are forged, and where important life lessons are learned, and we are excited that these spaces will now celebrate our school pride and show our school values,” stated Tyler Francis, CWA Athletic Director. 

Thank you to the Cheney Family alumni!

Wight Gym updates coming soon
Updated Upper School Commons

Updates to the Wight Gym will include graphic enhancements similar to those recently made in the Upper School Commons.

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