Dedicated. Cheerful. Loving. Thoughtful. Intuitive. These are just a handful of words that describe the educator receiving the Inspirational Faculty Award this year.

Described as someone who instills a love of learning in her students, fourth grade teacher Carrie Wolslegel has made an incredible difference for students, families and her colleagues during her three years at Charles Wright Academy.

“She makes kids want to go to school. She inspires them to love to learn with a special talent in bringing out the best writing skills in fourth graders. This is the second time our family has had her as a teacher and I have witnessed (even if this year it’s virtually) how she keeps kids engaged and she truly cares about each and every child, and how they are doing and feeling every single day. She truly understands the many different ways kids learn.” — CWA parent

“Ms. Wolslegel is the best teacher ever! She handled remote learning better than any other teacher and made it so fun.” — CWA Student

Several parents noted how Ms. Wolslegel just gets their children, and that their children had a transformational experience in her class. One parent says, “She knows how to connect with and engage students, even the tougher ones to crack open. She facilitates students’ emotional growth parallel to academic growth. She treats every student with respect and consideration.”

Ms. Wolslegel is well known for celebrating poetry throughout the entire Lower School, including the creation of the Poetry Cafe during her first year at CWA. In fact, she wrote a poem for her letter of intent that year, where she said:

“The students, parents, and staff have supported me in every way,

I feel blessed that I found a school like CWA,

I continue to grow and learn from those around me,

They inspire me each day to be the best that I can be.”

The 2020-2021 school year has been difficult for many, but Ms. Woslegel also lost her father in April 2020 just as the reality of the pandemic was descending. She shared, “It has been a tough year in so many ways, but the kids have been the light and joy that has kept me going. I recently went through the old letters my dad sent to me when I was going to school to become a teacher and found this: 

Every person who has accomplished things can always point to a teacher who has made a lasting impression on them. You are truly fortunate. Most of us go through life and only touch a few people in a meaningful manner. With your career, you will live in the hearts of your students and their children forever.’ 

We are so thankful to have Carrie Woslegel as a part of our CWA community.