Kids Say the Darndest Things

A Q&A session with Lower Schoolers reveal what makes CWA a special place for our youngest learners!

Ali – Grade 4

What is your favorite thing about CWA?

I really like the teachers a lot. I feel like everytime I go to school, they make me want to come back. Their enthusiasm makes it fun to come back to school!  

What fun things are you excited for when you come back to school?

I’ve really enjoy art and music because of all the activities we get to do. We get to do weaving, carving, paint Ukranian eggs, and a bunch of other things other schools don’t get to. And for music, we get to do big concerts!

Archie – Grade 2

What is your favorite thing about CWA?

My favorite part of CWA is my teacher, Mr. Hong because he’s nice, takes care of us, teaches us the rules so we never get hurt, and teaches me how to research.

What are you learning in class?

Right now, I’m researching Abraham Lincoln. I’m going to be him for the wax museum project!

Robyn – Grade 1

What is your favorite thing about CWA?

Getting to do all the fun events! I also like that my teacher is kind, and she helped me learn subtraction. I didn’t really know how to do it when I was younger.

Which events do you have most fun at here at CWA?

I really like Science Night! I like when the Olympia Children’s Museum came because that is where I go when I want to play. I also like jogathon and raising money.

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