Unparalleled Dedication

Tyler Francis: Athletic Director of the Year

Dear Tyler,

When we first met in the fall of 2006, you were the head boys varsity basketball coach and willing to hire me as the JV coach and as your assistant. I had only coached middle school and club volleyball at that point in my career, and I had no real idea what coaching high school athletics was like. Yet, you committed to working with me and, most importantly, you committed to being my mentor.

In my time under your guidance, I watched you pour your time, your care, and your passion into the team. After a disappointing loss when the post-game talk was over, when the students had left, when the Dome lights were finally shut off, you would still be in your office looking at the stat book and thinking through how you could have done better as a coach. The next practice, you were ready to work on whatever the team needed, handing out detailed practice agendas, dust-mopping the floors, and helping to pick athletes up who were down. Your care for students and your appreciation for what they gained from athletics is something that will always be ingrained in myself, our school, and our sports community at large.

As you expanded your role and went from coach and fitness instructor to athletic director, I knew that we would have someone in that position whose dedication to students, families, and coaches would be unparalleled, and I am not surprised but deeply honored to share that you have been selected as the Athletic Director of the Year.

Over this last year, we have had both tremendous success and tremendous growth in our programs. Many of our teams have gone to playoffs and state; coaches have been nominated and won as coach of the year; our athletes are recognized locally, statewide, and nationally.

Your care for Charles Wright Academy, your kindness and generosity, and your adherence to school values continues to support our community in amazing ways. I have and will always treasure you as a mentor, a colleague, and a friend. Congratulations.


Rob Scotlan, Middle School Assistant Director

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